Braskamps in the UK

The website shows 7 Braskamps. Six of these, seem originally from the UK but probably were actually not called Braskamp. The seventh is Bernadina F.L. Braskamp, married in Whitechapel, London, with Friedrich Carl C. Blessmann, in 1893.

Scotland Census (1851) shows John Braskamp, born around 1831 in Sterling. He was a weaver in Tilcountry. On the Internet there is no scan of the original text.
England Census (1891) shows William Braskamp, born around 1850 in Sommerset. He was a butler in St Marylebone, London. In the original written text the family name rather looks Beauchamp.

England Census (1841) also shows the family of William Braskamp, born in Yorkshire about 1816. He was married with Ann Braskamp (born Yorkshire 1811). The couple had two boys, John born in 1838 and George born in 1841, being 7 months at the date of census. The couple lived in Sheffield. In the original text the family name reads Broscomb rather than Braskamp.

Today, the name Braskamp does not appear in a UK telephone directory.