Family tree of founder 8, Willem Breskamp.

Willem lived in Nettelhorst. He was born about 1630 and died before 1693. His children probably called themselves Bonninckhorst.

generation II
Willem Breskamp~1630
generation III
children of Willem Breskamp Hermen
Henders Groothorn, Groothornte
Vorden ~1660
~ 1665
~ 1670
generation IV
Hermen Breskamp or Bonninkhorst
Vorden 1693 Cathrina Rotgers (2)
Lochem 1711 (March/April) Helena Costers
Lochem 1695
Lochem 1701
son of Willem Brescamp or Bonninkhorst
Lochem 6-6-1696 Gertien te Kilholt
GerritLochem 10- 9-1702
daughter of an unmarried daughter of Willem Breskamp Elsken HartkopLochem 17- 5-1708
generation V
daughter of Gerrit Braskamp
Derksken Bömer of Schoneveldt