E.W. (Pim) Brascamp, Bosweg 12, 6704 AM Wageningen, The Netherlands.

Stamboom Brascamp, Braskamp, Klein Braskamp. 1 March 1992 [genealogy in Dutch], 144 pages.

The American Braskamps, 1 December 1996, 36 pages.
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De schilder Th. Braskamp, December 1999, [The painter Th. Braskamp, in Dutch], 8 pages.

Johannes Braskamp en de "Zuiderburg" [Johannes Braskamp and the "Zuiderburg", in Dutch] by Eva Brascamp, 2002, 8 pages. pdf-file

Chronologie. Over Scherpenzeel, Van Werven en Brascamp en hoe in 1869 hun wegen kruisten [Chronology. About Scherpenzeel, Van Werven and Brascamp, and how their paths crossed in 1869], by Marten H. Brascamp, July 2005, 19 pages. pdf-file

The family tree includes probably all Brascamps, Braskamps and Klein Braskamps who lived around the world since 1600. Perhaps some recent members were not yet included. The tree includes over 875 individuals, distributed over 14 generations. Currently 11 different founders are distinguished. I guess there presently are some 240 living members of the family tree, tracing back to three of these eleven founders. The descendents of the first founder include about 30 Brascamps in The Netherlands and New Zealand and furthermore some 20 Braskamps in the The Netherlands, 8 in Germany and 60 in the USA. Another 30 Braskamps and 60 Klein Braskamps in The Netherlands descend from the second founder. The third founder has 30 descendants in France, including about 10 French Brascamps and 20 French Braskamps.

The first founder, Engelbert Brascamp, was born around 1600 in Borculo, a small town in the east of The Netherlands. His son, Wolter, moved to the town of Deventer on the river IJssel where he and his wife became a member of the Reformed Church 29 September 1665. They probably moved to Deventer expecting an attack of Borculo by the bishop of Munster when in 1665 the Republic of the United Netherlands came into war with England. Wolter's son Engelbert became a sexton and schoolmaster in Twello, a village on the other side of the IJssel, which the Brascamps stayed for four generations. The Brascamps in The Netherlands and New Zealand descend from Engelbert's youngest son, Wolter. They lived in Twello and later on in Olst, a bit north of Deventer, for several generations before they spread only recently.
Engelbert's eldest son, Goossen Braskamp, is the ancestor of Braskamps in The Netherlands, Germany and the USA. Initially descendents lived in Apeldoorn for a few generations leading to major Dutch branches in Amsterdam and The Hague. It is assumed that the German branch descends from Willem Hendrik Braskamp, born in 1772 in Amsterdam. The first member of the The Hague branch was also called Willem Hendrik, born 1840 in Wijhe.
The American Braskamps trace back to Bernardus Gozewijn, a eighth generation Braskamp, carpenter in Apeldoorn, born in 1812. He had 7 children, of whom 4 emigrated to the United States. These children initially settled in Alton, Iowa, but spread over the USA in later generations.
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The second founder with descendents living today is Henrick Braskamp, born around 1600 in Geesteren, a neighbouring village north of Borculo. In Geesteren there is a holiday home called Braskamp. On the other side of the road untill 1830 an earlier Braskamp was located, and it is likely that Henrick Braskamp lived at that same location. He is the ancestor of Braskamps and Klein Braskamps in The Netherlands. The Braskamps descend from Henrick's daughter Aelbert and the Klein Braskamps from Aelbert's daughter Henrickjen. This makes it very likely that children actually were named after the farm were the families were living. The Braskamps lived at the Braskamp, and the Klein Braskamps at a farm currently known as Veldschnieder. Most Braskamps and Klein Braskamps stayed in the neighbourhood of Borculo for many generations with the exception of one major Braskamp-branche which settled in Enschede from the tenth generation.
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The last founder with descendents living today is Joséphine Braskamp. According to the birth certificate of her son, Louis, born in Brussels in 1812 she was from Amsterdam-Zuiderzee. At that time the Netherlands was part of empire of Napoleon Bonaparte and Amsterdam-Zuiderzee was one of its provinces. Untill now in Amsterdam records no trace has been found of Joséphine, although there were Braskamps living in Amsterdam then, tracing back to Engelbert Brascamp. Descendents are Braskamps around Roubaix and Brascamps around Reims, in France.
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Apart from these three founders above there are 8 more founders. Three of these are from Borculo and may be related to Engelbert Brascamp. Actually, the pedigree of a contempory of Engelbert, Jan Brascamp, traces back one additional generation and his father Berent , born about 1565 may be the father or uncle of Engelbert, Jan, Herman and Gerrit.
Among the remaining four Harmen Brascamp and Willem Breskamp may be related to Henrick Braskamp, but Henrick Tonis and Jan Oltwater certainly are unrelated to the other founders. The name Braskamp in the branch of Henrick Braskamp comes from a farm in Geesteren, near Borculo. The name Klein Braskamp comes from another farm near the Braskamp. Jan Oltwater's children were called after this latter farm, but why Henrick Tonis' children near Zwolle (north of Deventer at the river IJssel) were called Braskamp is completely unclear. The name Braskamp also appears for a family of slaves at the Dordrecht sugar plantation at current Suriname; more family names with Bras occurred there.

A special case is Th Braskamp, a painter who worked in The Netherlands in the first half of the previous century. Apart from a number of paintings, nothing is know about this Braskamp.